As a highly flexible advertising strategy, a remarketing campaign can appear to your site visitors when they leave your site and continue browsing. Retargeted ads are displayed on Google’s Display Network - which exists outside of Google search. 

The Display Network includes millions of websites that your customers visit every day. From browsing their Gmail to downloading apps, checking social media and banner ads on their bookmarked sites, you can promote your business with relevant ads that generate exposure and drive real-world sales.

No. As with everything we do, a successful Google Ads remarketing campaign comes down to a ‘test and measure’ approach. We experiment with different creatives (text and images) and different lists to target specific types of customers. 

Whether it’s targeting a certain demographic e.g. (age, gender, household income, etc), or creating a remarketing list based on specific pages a user visited on your site (e.g. your pricing page), there’s nothing random at play. We focus on a specific audience who’s ready to convert. That’s how we hit the bullseye and help drive ROI.

We’ll answer that question with a stat - it takes an average of 6 interactions before a customer is ready to make a purchase. Google Ads offers instant rankings at the top of Google, but what happens when someone clicks on your ad, only to leave your site 5 

minutes later? With Google Ads remarketing, you’re not waving goodbye to that user forever. You’re in control of when you interact with them again. From the time period between a website visit to your ads appearing to the number of times your ads appear, it’s easy to reach 6 interactions with a potential customer. 

Repeat exposure and ROI go hand-in-hand. And so do Google Ads and Google Ads Retargeting.

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