In theory, yes. You can learn to become a Google Ads specialist in the same way you can learn to renovate your own bathroom or replace your home’s entire plumbing. The question is whether the DIY approach will deliver the results you’re looking for. 

Remember, the goal of a Google Ads campaign isn’t to save the most money - but generate the most money. Hiring a professional Google Ads specialist can help unlock more clicks, leads, and customers and leave you with a higher ROI.

Google Ads is currently divided into two networks. 

1. Search network 

2. Display network 

The search network displays the Google Ads you’re most used to seeing. These sit at the top of Google and are identified with a small ‘AD’ label. It’s also common to see Google Ads on other Google tools like Google Maps and Google Shopping. 

In contrast, the display network represents roughly 2 million websites to extend the reach of your ads even further (the display network reaches 90% of internet users). This includes your customer’s favorite sites like YouTube and Gmail, as well as the apps they use, and thousands of other partner sites. 

If you’d like to learn more about using the display network, click here to learn about our ad remarketing services.

In short, we help you win more quality traffic and conversions. How? 

To start, we recommend you begin using the Search Network campaign, meaning your ads appear on Google search to start. 

The strongest Google Ads campaign works alongside an SEO campaign because it means we’ll have completed keyword research and competitor analysis already to find the best keywords to target. And as your web pages will have been optimised for SEO, you’ll enjoy a strong Quality Score by connecting those target keywords and our expertly written ads with your optimised pages. 

Next, we’ll determine your customer’s average lifetime value (CLV). When we know what an average customer is worth, we can determine how much to spend on each ad click without risk. 

Finally, with an ex-Google employee as our in-house Google Ads specialist, we’ll recommend a custom budget for your ads and start with a limited spend. When we see success, we can confidently scale up your budget to drive predictable results without putting your business at risk.

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