This is a common question from Australian SMEs. Put simply, optimized code performs better. By eliminating redundant code we can help make your website a slimmer, trimmer site. Optimized code loads quicker, and runs into fewer problems. 1 out of 2 people will leave a site that doesn’t load within 3 seconds, so code optimization isn’t a luxury, it’s crucial to bring in consistent website leads.

Technical SEO sounds dry, dull, and boring. So we keep things simple. Our three-step process means you don’t need to worry about learning an entirely new marketing discipline. Here’s how we keep your website fast and efficient. 

Step One: Website analysis and assessment 

Step Two: Custom recommendations for your developer or web design agency

Step Three: If your web team doesn’t have the skills or interest in fixing their mess, we’ll optimize your code for you

BONUS STEP: If your code is beyond repair, you may benefit from a brand new website that’s built with SEO principles in mind. Claim a FREE consultation to find out if your site can be fixed.

One size doesn’t fix all when it comes to poor or inefficient code. We help improve your website development with a range of technical SEO strategies, including:

Compress website images

Reduce unnecessary plugins

Minimise Javascript and CSS files

Utilise website caching

Implement Gzip compression

CMS database optimization

Reduce unnecessary web fonts

Identify and fix 404 errors

Reduce unnecessary 301 redirects

Apply the prefetching technique

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