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Google Ads remarketing, or retargeting, is how you re-engage website visitors who landed on your site but left without getting in touch. You might not think these potential customers matter to your bottom line, but only 2% of people will convert on their first visit to your site 

That leaves 98% of people slipping through the cracks. 

Google Ads remarketing is the strategy of following this 98% of people as they continue browsing online. By displaying relevant and engaging ads you can keep your products and services top of mind.

 Remarketing is like digital stalking, only your customers want to be reminded of your products. That’s why people who come back to your website through remarketing ads are 70% more likely to make a purchase.

 If you’d like to sell your products and services to the 98% of people who left your website without getting in touch, the SEO Assassin can show you how.

Most customers are window shopping and walking away from your website without pulling out their wallets

Every person who lands on your website is window shopping. They’re reading your blogs, browsing your products, and checking the price of your services. But with 98% of people failing to convert on their first visit to your site, that leaves your business a digital shopfront with barely any sales to show for it. 

Google Ad remarketing helps your business gain traction and recognition that generates leads, customers, and ROI. 

The more times your ads are seen online, the more likely you are to land a sale.

 Without remarketing, you’re missing out on the enormous potential of Google’s reach. And no matter how impressive your website is (a.k.a your shopfront window), without remarketing you’ll be stuck with plenty of window shoppers, and next to no customers.

SEO Assassin

Stay top of mind to increase exposure and maximize conversions

SEO Assassin

Imagine tapping into an audience who already knows about your business, the products or services you offer and is interested in making a purchase.

 With Google Ads remarketing, it’s easy. 

Through applying ‘cookies’ on your website (or small lines of code), it’s possible to remember individual users who visited your site. And if they left without requesting a quote or making a booking, you can use the data collected by your ‘cookie’ to serve ads to people who have already shown interest in your business by spending time on your site. 

You can reach your audience where they spend the most time. Watching YouTube videos, reading emails, browsing an app store - with over 2 million websites, Google’s Display Network reaches over 92% of internet users. 

That’s how you reduce your wasted ad spend and start focusing on people more likely to turn into paying customers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Remarketing

Remarketing is how you tap into an audience who’s already shown interest in your products and services, and just need a nudge in the right direction. But beware of any old Google Ads agency trying to sign you to a 12-month contract because they’d rather you paid more and asked questions less. We don’t offer contracts at SEO Assassin, so here’s the crucial Google Ads remarketing info you need to know.

As a highly flexible advertising strategy, a remarketing campaign can appear to your site visitors when they leave your site and continue browsing. Retargeted ads are displayed on Google’s Display Network - which exists outside of Google search. 

The Display Network includes millions of websites that your customers visit every day. From browsing their Gmail to downloading apps, checking social media and banner ads on their bookmarked sites, you can promote your business with relevant ads that generate exposure and drive real-world sales.

No. As with everything we do, a successful Google Ads remarketing campaign comes down to a ‘test and measure’ approach. We experiment with different creatives (text and images) and different lists to target specific types of customers. 

Whether it’s targeting a certain demographic e.g. (age, gender, household income, etc), or creating a remarketing list based on specific pages a user visited on your site (e.g. your pricing page), there’s nothing random at play. We focus on a specific audience who’s ready to convert. That’s how we hit the bullseye and help drive ROI.

We’ll answer that question with a stat - it takes an average of 6 interactions before a customer is ready to make a purchase. Google Ads offers instant rankings at the top of Google, but what happens when someone clicks on your ad, only to leave your site 5 

minutes later? With Google Ads remarketing, you’re not waving goodbye to that user forever. You’re in control of when you interact with them again. From the time period between a website visit to your ads appearing to the number of times your ads appear, it’s easy to reach 6 interactions with a potential customer. 

Repeat exposure and ROI go hand-in-hand. And so do Google Ads and Google Ads Retargeting.

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