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Alan and the iEnergi team design customised heating and cooling solutions for high-end residential and commercial building projects. 

With a focus on energy-smart solutions, Alan and the team understand that temperature control services shouldn’t come at a cost to the planet. Specialising in renewable energy systems, they’re passionate about finding the most effective way to promote comfortable conditions using the world’s best HVAC technologies and products. With a belief that today’s ideas shape tomorrow’s outcomes, Alan and the team are constantly looking for new ways to deliver the ultimate indoor environment.

iEnergi’s Challenge

Alan and the iEnergi team were held back because of an agency-built website that looked great but had no SEO structure, leaving them invisible on Google. 

With a design focus only, the iEnergi website looked fantastic but was a technical mess. Built on the WordPress platform and integrated with WooCommerce, the combination of multiple plugins and image-heavy pages meant the site was slow to load. 

This had a dual effect that was hurting Alan’s business. Firstly, Google prioritises fast and technically solid websites which meant iEnergi wasn’t ranking for any keyword in the competitive air conditioning, heating and cooling space. Secondly, the website traffic that did find iEnergi’s site ended up frustrated by slow load speeds and poor user experience. 

“We weren’t getting many leads through our website before” explains Alan. “We didn’t have any understanding of SEO”. 

In order to increase visibility on Google and attract quality leads, the iEnergi website needed an overhaul to its structure along with fresh, SEO-friendly content to impress both Google and humans.

The SEO Assassin Solution

SEO Assassin

We put together an SEO package that kept the aesthetic benefits of iEnergi’s website but introduced link-building campaigns and new content that spoke directly to their target audience. 

There was no waving a magic wand to fix Alan and the team’s poor rankings on Google, so we set out to establish a system that would build authority over time. Working from the ground up, we cleaned up the WordPress code to increase load times and optimised all Page Titles to improve SEO and increase iEnergi’s click-through rate (CTA) from Google. 

With a focus on Alan’s messaging, we took the time to understand iEnergi’s target market and the problems they faced. Then, we created content that spoke to their customer’s level of awareness. This holistic approach had the effect of cutting through the noise and simplifying iEnergi’s message. 

Our SEO analysis also showed a significant volume of duplicate content which was making it hard for Google to find and index the right pages. We removed unnecessary content and removed redundant services from the website that weren’t bringing in the volume or quality of leads Alan wanted. Finally, we implemented a link-building campaign to increase Alan’s authority in the eyes of Google.

The Results

Installing tracking analytics allowed us to see what impact our changes had on Alan’s traffic and leads - and they were significant. 

iEnergi has enjoyed a steady increase in visibility on Google from zero to 4.2% of search traffic in the highly competitive HVAC space. Through creating new, customer-centric content, we more than doubled monthly search traffic with website leads a consistently better quality. 

While Alan and the team previously spent time trying to determine lead quality, a faster and well-optimised website helped qualify leads before Alan ever picked up the phone to speak to prospects, cutting back on the sales process and creating more free time. 

What began as an eye-catching website with poor technical structure was revitalised, leading to a 92% health score that ticks Google’s boxes and is easy for customers to use when looking for Melbourne’s best air conditioning experts.

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