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In a buzzword-heavy world, ‘SEO’ gets thrown around a lot. 

Everyone from web developers to copywriters claims to understand SEO, but that’s rarely the case. 

So here’s the simplified version - Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving your site to make it more visible when your customers go searching online. If you provide a service, you want your website to appear when people search for that service on Google. The same applies if you sell products. 

SEO isn’t rocket science, it’s digital customer service. When you give Google and people what they want, you’ll never be short of new business.

Which camp is your website in?

With Website SEO Services...

  • More leads so you can pick and choose your customers
  • More time to invest in your business, or away from your business
  • Regular work and predictable revenue month after month
  • Bookings and meetings in the calendar each Monday morning
  • Strong word of mouth that keeps your business top of mind

Without Website SEO Services...

  • Forced to start servicing low-quality leads and price-gougers
  • Less free time as you’re chasing up time-wasters and tyre-kickers
  • Unpredictable months and a “hot and cold” business pattern
  • Slow weeks with no idea if you’ll have work on the horizon
  • No brand recognition, trust, or credibility online

The usual approach to SEO is flawed (you’ve probably already made this mistake)

SEO Assassin

If you’ve outsourced your website build to a solo web developer, or thrown together your own copy, you’re crippling your chances of ranking on Google before you even get started. 

The problem is, copywriters only focus on content. And web developers only focus on design. But successful SEO is an end-to-end service. It’s not added to a finished website like salt and pepper to a meal. It’s built into your website from the foundation up.

 We help micro-businesses and SME’s with a ‘Done For You’ SEO service that means we’ll either:

    -Fix the SEO holes in your current website 

   -Create a new, fully optimised website

 At SEO Assassin we offer a custom approach to help you rank #1 on Google and grow your business. That means you won’t find a cookie-cutter approach here or a generic ‘Rank for 20 keywords’ package. We speak plain English (no jargon or buzzwords) so you understand what we’re doing and why. 

It’s simple, effective small business SEO that’s ready to assassinate your competition.

What goes into a ‘Done For You’ SEO campaign?

SEO Assassin

Code Optimisation

If your site is bloated, slow to load, and built on a cheap WordPress template, you may be destroying your chance of taking the #1 spot. 

Google ranks fast websites with optimised code and user-friendly frameworks - and we’ll show you how to bring your site up to speed  Learn More.

SEO Assassin

Core Web Vitals

Your Core Web Vitals are a measure of your site’s “health”, and Google uses them to determine your rankings. 

You need a seamless blend of content load speed, interactivity, and visual stability - and we’ve got a plan to make your stats soar  Learn More.

SEO Assassin


If you want to rank on Google, you need to target the right keywords. 

And what counts as “right”? Well, that’s an art and a science - and we’ve simplified it so you can master SEO in minutes (seriously, read on for a jargon-free guide)  Learn More.

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Backlinks act as a “vote of confidence” in the eyes of Google. When you earn mentions from other sites in your industry, you’ll boost your SEO. 

But building backlinks is hard, right? Not with our ‘Done For You’ SEO service  Learn More.

SEO Assassin

Local SEO

46% of all Google searches have local intent - meaning customers are trying to find your products and services, but they can’t find you. 

We’ll show you how to become the #1 business in your area no matter what products or services you sell  Learn More.

SEO Assassin


Results matter, so we trim our reports of anything that doesn’t help you drive ROI. 

You won’t get endless vanity metrics, but you will have a simple visualisation of your data (accessible 24/7) so you can watch your success in real-time  Learn More.

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