No. The opposite is true. 

It’s a common fear that creating blog posts about how you run your business or offering DIY tips to your customers will lead people to take advantage of your expertise. Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free, right? 

The truth is, your customers are looking for expert businesses. They want the best mechanic, car detailers, restaurateurs, plumbers, etc. When you give away your expertise in the form of free content, you build crucial trust. You might have 1 in 100 people take your content and apply the lessons without contacting you. But the remaining 99 out of 100 are going to keep you top of mind when it comes time to pay for your expertise.

The most effective content marketing strategy integrates multiple content types. Our content marketing campaigns help you to make content including: 

Production Processes 

Case Studies

‘Before’ and ‘After’

Customer testimonials


Content without a strategy is useless. Without a strategy, any success comes down to luck and is impossible to replicate. But with the right steps in place - outlined by the SEO Assassin - you can execute a content marketing strategy that brings in regular traffic and helps convert customers from “I’m not sure” to “where do I sign up?!” 

Step 01 - Content Alignment: What topics or ideas do your customers care about? Step 

02 - Content Audit: How does your current content meet the needs of your customers? Step 

03 - Content Creation: Time to create high-quality, engaging content Step 

04 - Content Distribution: Which channels will be used to get your content seen? Step 

05 - Content Analysis: How did your content perform and how can we do better?

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