Yes and no. Google is constantly updating its algorithm to provide the most accurate and relevant results for search engine users. That means you can’t rely on SEO strategies that worked last year if you want to stay relevant. 

In 2020, Google introduced Core Web Vitals as a set of user-focused metrics to measure the “health” of a web page. Covering content load speed, interactivity, and visual stability, Google has been tweaking its algorithm to ensure top-ranking sites have content that loads fast, entices clicks, and doesn’t break or lag. 

Keep in mind, just because Core Web Vitals is now measured and checked by Google, creating user-friendly websites should always be a priority, so while the metric has a fancy name, the practice of putting your site visitors first has always been good for SEO.

At SEO Assassin, we offer a range of services within our ‘Done For You’ SEO package that helps boost your Core Web Vitals. While code optimisation can help improve the performance of your website, the best way to support healthy Core Web Vitals is to create a user-friendly website from the ground up. By designing a site with strong Core Web Vitals prior to a build, you’ll run into fewer problems.

Yes. Engage the SEO Assassin to implement a ‘Done For You’ SEO package that covers every aspect of SEO from content creation to technical upgrades. We can tailor a custom SEO package to work with your existing web developer or agency. Or, we can handle everything on our own. If you’d like to learn more about our ‘Done For You’ SEO service, click here to schedule an obligation-free consultation with the SEO Assassin today.

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