That’s exactly what they want. But creating a story around your products and services is important. Without a clear story, customers will never know if your products and services are suitable. Imagine walking into a supermarket. Your favourite food could be hidden down one of the many aisles, but without clear customer-focused language to direct you, you’re unlikely to find it. 

Your customers want a fix to their problems. It doesn’t matter if that problem is the way they look, the funny noise their car makes, the home renovation they’ve been dreaming of - or any other challenge. Clear and compelling language gives your customers the information and incentive they need to take action.

It’s simple. Do you sound exactly like your competition? If the only difference between your website copy and the words on your competition’s website is your brand name, you’re suffering from a lack of clarity. Buzzwords like “family-owned”, “commitment to quality”, and “welcome to our website” don’t solve customer problems and are a sign you need help from the SEO Assassin.

Customer language is a constantly moving target. That’s why we create buyer personas to help you speak to the needs of different audiences. The language that connects with one customer might turn off another. 

That’s why some of the most common customer language mistakes include using buzzwords as a marketing strategy (your audience hates them), assuming your audience knows your products and services as well as you do (they don’t) and using the wrong tone of voice (e.g. stuffy, formal language when a conversational tone is suitable).

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