At SEO Assassin, we don’t believe in hoarding knowledge. We follow a simple 7-step framework to clarify your message and turn your website into a journey that every site visitor follows. 

Think of this framework as a story and your customer is the hero. 

A character = your website visitor

Runs into a problem = broken down car, overgrown backyard, no hot water, etc

Then meets a guide = your business

Who gives them a plan = your services and how they solve a customer’s problems

And calls them to take action = a download, free quote, booking, etc

Which results in success = explain how your products/services solve their problems

And avoids failure = explain what would happen if they fail to take action

If this structure looks familiar, you’re right. It’s the Hero’s Journey and can be found in every successful film, TV show, and book. It’s also the proven formula for success in marketing, and as part of our ‘Done For You’ SEO service, we’ll implement it for you.

You can. Our framework is a tool, but like any tool, it’s only as effective as the person using it. It’s common for business owners to be too close to their products and services to be able to step back and see where their messaging is unclear. 

As part of our ‘Done For You’ SEO service, all content created is built around our proven framework for clarifying your message. You get all the benefits of our expertise, without needing to do any of the work yourself.

No. Great storytelling isn’t an actual story like you’d read in a book. Instead, it’s sharing the right information through a contextual narrative. 

For example, with the messaging framework above, you can create a “story” by identifying your customer’s problem (this is the conflict of the story) and guiding your story’s hero (this is your customer) towards a resolution (this is your products or services). 

By turning your customer into the hero, you’re inviting them to take action and reach a resolution themselves. That’s how you clarify your message and improve your marketing strategy.

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