Awesome Coffee Making Machine


This is the all featured coffee machine. Designed to be used in caf├ęs or restaurants all day.

In terms of technical components, the machine has a new hot water diffuser, with a particularly uniform jet that can be managed and programmed for two different doses by using the two front buttons. On the same control panel, the pre-infusion settings can be adjusted (essential for guaranteeing quality espresso in the cup), the cleaning cycle can be started, and counters can be checked. This is on top of the programming and alarm functions already installed. The tank water level is managed automatically, a lack of water is indicated by a the buttons flashing.

Technical Specifications:

  • Size: 570mm (W) x 545mm (H) x 470mm (D)
  • Boiler: 8L
  • Colours available: Black, Red

The Only Machine You Will Ever Need

"This machine is used in my coffee shop and has never failed. By far the best decision I've made."

Awarded 5 stars

From leading coffee reviewers

10 year warranty

All parts warranty for 10 years

Best coffee Grinder

Can grind all types of coffee beans, fine or coarse


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